There is a silent secret…

…within the shadows of our churches that we are only beginning to address as a Christian community. It is a subject carefully hidden, quietly guarded, often denied, and rarely discussed. Yet, the number of those Christians wounded by their personal choice is vast and the devastation of lives immense. The secret sin is abortion and though we profess of the head knowledge of grace, the heart acceptance of it is complex.

Established in 2004, Reflections is a 10-week Bible study designed for women who have personally experienced abortion. Using the Forgiven & Set Free study written by Linda Cochrane, Reflections is a safe, confidential haven to address the complex issues that result from abortion and a pathway to experience the healing, grace and freedom God desires to give.

This study is offered throughout the year

If you are interested in this study for yourself or a friend, or if you would like information about becoming part of this ministry, you may leave a confidential email. Our confidential telephone number is 661-599-2307.

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